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Friday, Oct. 03, 2003 - 1:58 p.m.

Still No WMD

Despite the "I told you so's" coming from the warmongers, David Kay's report showed that NO WMD have been found. None, zilch, zero! Get it?

The entire basis for the war on Iraq was hyped-up intelligence which stated that Hussein had Weapons: nuclear, chemical and biological. WEAPONS! Not just PROGRAMS! The American people and the world were misled that Hussein's arsenals were fully functioning and capable of being enacted at a moment's notice. What Kay has found are reports on proposed programs, small labs, "suspicious" areas that could have been used for labs, and small amounts of artillery that are NOT WMD.

We did not bomb a sovereign country on the premise of "weapons' programs"; we bombed them because we had been misled to believe that Hussein was an imminent threat who could attack anyone anywhere at anytime. This still holds to be untrue and until those huge stockpiles of WMD are found, if they even exist, I will continue to decree: There was NO imminent threat and we have killed thousands of innocent Iraqis and our own soldiers for Bush's Oil and War Machine Cronies.

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Update: added the Full transcript of David Kay's Speech and the Editorial. They are the last two links above.

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