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Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2003 - 10:19 p.m.

Thoughts On September 11th

Two years ago, on this day, was to be my wedding day. My husband and I had both taken the week off from work and on that morning, I had gone to get the tires on my car replaced for our little honeymoon get-away in the Blue Ridge Mountains for three days. On my way to the tire shop, I turned on the radio. The station I usually listen to was playing patriotical music and I was thinking to myself, WTF? it isn't a holiday! This was at 8-ish in the morning. By the time I reached the tire shop, all the workers there were gathered in the small lounge watching CNN. I watched the second plane hit the towers while waiting on my tires to be changed. By the time I made it home, both towers were collapsing as I held on to my then-fiance and cried. Needless to say, there was no wedding because I didn't want the events of that day overshadowing my wedding day.

Like all Americans, I was convinced that this was indeed a terrorist attack on the USA and we had to do something, anything to stop this madness. As the months went by, the "official" story began to unravel before my very eyes and questions began to appear that the Bush Administration couldn't or wouldn't answer. And within days and months, suspects were rounded up, our congress members voted on a bill that they didn't even read, Afghanistan was attacked, and still the questions went unanswered. A year went by, and the focus had shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq, the clean-up was over at the WTC and the Pentagon, a Homeland Security department was put in place, an investigation into 911 had gone through more stalemates than a good chess game, and still the questions went unanswered. Now, two years later, we're are still in the middle of both wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, new plans are on-going for where the Twin Towers once stood, we haven't captured either Bin Laden or Hussein, the investigation into 911 is still being stalled by the Bush Administration, and the questions have STILL gone unanswered.

Here are just a few of the Unanswered Questions:

Unanswered Question # 1
To what extent should airlines have been prepared for 9/11?

Unanswered Question # 2
What did the Bush administration know and when?

Unanswered Question # 3
Why wasn’t the US military able to intercept the hijacked planes?

Unanswered Question # 4
How did the administration respond to the failures of the military and Intelligence agencies on 9/11?

Unanswered Question #5
What ties, if any, did the US government and Intelligence agencies have with the terrorists or their supporters?

Unanswered Question # 6
Were there plans for a war in central Asia prior to September 11?

Unanswered Question # 7
Is there an underlying motive, besides the War on Terror, for the US military presence in Central Asia?

Unanswered Question # 8
Is there any historical evidence to suggest that the government may have used the 9/11 attacks to justify its war in Central Asia?

Unanswered Question # 9
How has the government's reaction to the terrorist attacks affected the rule of law in the United States?

Unanswered Question # 10
How has recent legislation like the PATRIOT ACT and the Homeland Security bill affected the lives of American people?

I honestly believe that there is one major reason why the questions go unanswered, the investigation continues to be stalled, and Bin Laden nor Hussein have not been captured: solved cases do not make very good Fear-Factor to keep the American people pumped up for the Bush Administration's plans of total control of the Middle East.

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