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Sunday, Aug. 03, 2003 - 9:52 p.m.

I've been spending a lot of time doing research (mostly during my hiatus - did you really think I would give up on all of this totally?) and reading a lot of articles on various things. I want to share some of those articles with my readers.


Remember when Bush promised to lift the sanctions against Iraq? Well on Thursday, just before he left for his month-long vacation, Bush gave the Iraqi people a slap in the face: Bush Continues National Emergency With Respect to Iraq. Call it what you will, Mr. Bush, but we all know this is the sanctions' decree that your father signed in 1990. It also goes to show that things are so bad over there that you've had to tighten the noose around the Iraqi people's necks. I just wonder though, does this mean that Haliburton cannot sell any of the Iraqi oil? or are they immune to this?

Have you heard about the latest scheme being hatched by the Bushites? It involves a pipeline, some of his rich energy buddies, and the destruction of some of the "most biologically diverse places on earth". And we know how much the Bushites and their religious-rightwing idiots hate diversity! To see the whole scheme, be sure to read this article in full: Bush, the rainforest and a gas pipeline to enrich his friends.

The CIA has been under scrutiny before, but they have always bounced back with flying, respectable colors. An odd thing has occurred though since Bush the Younger has taken office: the CIA has been blamed twice for debaucheries of intelligence: 911 and the State of the Union Address. However, the Bushite spin that the CIA is to blame is misleading. The CIA tried to warn the Bushites prior to 911 and they tried to keep several misleading statements out of the State of the Union speech. All of this makes one wonder just how tolerant the CIA is, how long they will take responsibility for Bush's mistakes, and how loyal they are to Bush the Elder. Here is an interesting article concerning the CIA and Bush the Younger: BUSH’S BIG BETRAYAL.

Recently, there was a pep rally of young Conservatives in Washington. The whole thing sounds more like a Youth Group meeting for Hitler. Here is the article from Salon (note: if you do not have a subscription for Salon, you will not be able to view this in its entirety; do not be dismayed, just email me and I will send you the full transcript): Beautiful young shock troops for Bush. The author, Michelle Goldberg, describe it as: At a weekend pep rally in Washington, a thousand college Republicans clap, cheer and party -- and reveal a troubling dark side.

I will be posting more articles over the next few days. Enjoy!

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