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Tuesday, Jul. 08, 2003 - 3:04 p.m.

Savage Nation Cancelled

This made my day! MSNBC lost my viewership when they cancelled Donahue and added Michael Savage to their line-up. Viewers had written in expressing their outrage just days before Savage's show was to air. They sited racial and anti-gay comments made by Savage on his radio program and wanted to know why MSNBC would allow such a vile man on their line-up. Did this deter MSNBC? No. They allowed this idiot on their show anyway. Well it looks like Mr. Savage's mouth finally got him into trouble. Here is the report from Yahoo News: MSNBC Fires Host Savage for Wishing AIDS on Caller and here is Mr. Savage's version of what happened: Savage Loses TV Show "The Real Story". Sorry Savage, I have listened to your radio show and have heard some of your vile comments before. You got what you deserved. And as for MSNBC, I still refuse to watch your channel. You are as vile as the man you just fired. Do America a favor and fire yourselves too.

Campaign to Recruit Clark for President

There is a growing campaign to recruit General Wesley Clark to run for the Democratic nomination, and he is considering it. Here is an interview (ughsss it is from MSNBC) with Clark: The Last Word: Wesley Clark. I especially thought the comments he made about what Condi Rice said to him were interesting:

    I met with Condi Rice. She told me she believed that American troops shouldn’t be keeping the peace—they were the only ones who could kill people and conquer countries, and that’s what they should be focused on doing. What she was telling me [was] that she, as a potential Republican national-security adviser, didn’t support our engagement in Europe.

Another Bush Family Mystery

An interesting article crossed my desk today. Our top spy catcher, Paul Redmond has resigned. He was previously retired but came out of retirement because Bush asked him to investigate how Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden allegedly obtained US computer software. So why did he resign? Did he find something that would implicate the Bush family? Read the following article: Riddle As U.S. Spy Chief Quits

Even Rubenstein Was Surprised

This was an interesting find. Even the Carlyle Group couldn't put up with Bush for more than 3 years. This is an interview with David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group concerning Bush: HOW BUSH GOT BOUNCED FROM CARLYLE BOARD

Once-A-Week Campaign

Just a reminder to view this page and join the campaign!

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