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Friday, Jul. 04, 2003 - 12:56 a.m.

Fourth of July Reading

I will be spending the holiday with my husband (who will be home any time now ::beams::) so I will probably not be updating this very much. I will try to keep up with the news and if anything crosses my desk that sounds urgent, I will post it. I do want to leave you with a few articles to read:

This first article came out in June 2002. It gives some new perspectives on the events of 911, as well as some of the same arguements that others have presented:

The 911 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush by Cheryl Seal

This next article is very powerful. It reveals just how cowardly our political leaders have become since Bush took office. I think some of you may find this an interesting read:

Bush's Willing Executioners: America Betrayed by Cowardly Citizens by Ted Rall

If you want to know what may be the real reason behind Bush's sudden decision to commit troops to Liberia (a place that it is said we have no interests), then check out this article:

Pat Robertson Engages in Illegal Mining Operation in Liberia by Abraham M. Williams

The following commentary is by a man who is a former special forces soldier. It is in response to Bush's remark "Bring em on!"

"Bring 'Em On?" by Stan Goff

This next article is also about Bush's remark from a Reuter's staff writer:

Bush Taking Heat for 'Bring Them On' Remark by Steve Holland

The situation in London is heating up with more and more people doubting Blair's claims for the Iraq war. Here is another story coming out of London from one of the former Ministers:

War claims were fantasy: Meacher

And here is another story from London:

Blair's Spin-Doctor Admits 'Editing' Report

Have you noticed the latest spin? Remember before the Iraq war how it was 100% definitive "weapons of mass destruction"? Missles, chemical and biological weapons, perhaps even nuclear weapons were being touted as there, in Iraq, just ready and waiting to be captured as soon as Baghdad fell. Well have you heard what they are calling them now? PROGRAMS! Not definitive weapons anymore, but programs. Do you know what that could mean? Pieces of paper describing a possible this or that or something else. Doesn't have to be a physical missle, it could just be a piece of paper with a missle drawn on it. A program consists of documentation, not actual weapons. So the Bush Administration and many Congress members have stopped calling this WMD and now call it a WMD PROGRAM. Check out this article:

Senator: 'Success' In WMD Hunt

I think someone needs to wake Bush up from his hero-status, self-grandiose image and tell him what this general in Iraq has to say:

General Says 'We're Still at War' in Iraq as Attacks Continue by Amy Waldman

Here is an interesting article about Iran and it's nuclear program:

U.S. Case Against Iranís Nuclear Program Should Be Viewed With Severe Skepticism By WILLIAM O. BEEMAN and THOMAS STAUFFER Pacific News Service

It's more propaganda time for the people of Iran. Just as leaflets were tossed all over Afghanistan and Iraq weeks and days before the bombings, the Bush Administration is set to send some propaganda to Iran, but this time they are using a different method:

U.S. to Beam TV Show to Iran From Washington by Mike Allen

Oh, this is a good one. Only American vehicles are to be used in Iraq from now on. You want to know the irony? Where do most of the parts come from that are used to build American cars? Foreign sources! I guess American motor companies want a piece of this multi-billion dollar rebuilding mission too.

Have I said lately how much I hate the Bush Administration and these no-good-for-nothing corportations that have their back-scratchers out just itchin' for their turn to scratch the back of the Bush War Machine? Well I do!

And with that, I will step off this soap box and bid you all a happy, healthy and safe Fourth of July. (This may be the last year we can celebrate as truly free citizens) Yeah yeah, I am getting off the box now!

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