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2003-06-19 - 11:04 a.m.

Something Smells Fishy In Washington

On Tuesday, I discussed an article that I had read from CBS News about Rand Beers, the former counterterrorism aide who quit the Bush Administration just before the Iraq war began. There is an even better article in the Washington Post. Here is a snippet:

    Five days before the war began in Iraq, as President Bush prepared to raise the terrorism threat level to orange, a top White House counterterrorism adviser unlocked the steel door to his office, an intelligence vault secured by an electronic keypad, a combination lock and an alarm. He sat down and turned to his inbox.

    "Things were dicey," said Rand Beers, recalling the stack of classified reports about plots to shoot, bomb, burn and poison Americans. He stared at the color-coded threats for five minutes. Then he called his wife: I'm quitting.

    Beers's resignation surprised Washington, but what he did next was even more astounding. Eight weeks after leaving the Bush White House, he volunteered as national security adviser for Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.), a Democratic candidate for president, in a campaign to oust his former boss. All of which points to a question: What does this intelligence insider know?

    "The administration wasn't matching its deeds to its words in the war on terrorism. They're making us less secure, not more secure," said Beers, who until now has remained largely silent about leaving his National Security Council job as special assistant to the president for combating terrorism. "As an insider, I saw the things that weren't being done. And the longer I sat and watched, the more concerned I became, until I got up and walked out."

I encourage you to read the Washington Post article in full. It is well written and informative. I am keeping my eyes on this guy and the Kerry campaign. I cannot help but think that there is something suspecious going on here. Yes, what I am about to write is going to sound very "conspiracy theorist" but hear me out first. It is well-known that a lot of the foreign policy in this country comes out of the Council of Foreign Relations. Bush's foreign policy agendas have also been swayed by the neocons and members of the Federalist Group. Many believe that our government isn't even *really* in control but is being lead by some outside influence. If Bush isn't going along with what this outside influence wants, they could be working on a *regime change* of their own.

My regular readers probably already know how I feel about John Kerry. I admire him, but I was disappointed when I found out that while he attended Yale, he joined Skull and Bones. The Bush's are long time members of this organization: Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and even George Walker Bush were all members (and so was Dick Cheney). It is also a known fact that those who are tapped for Skull and Bones become major policy makers, CEOs, and other top professionals. It is also known that Bonesmen stick together and help one another out from time to time.

So where am I going with all of this? It looks like public opinion is turning against the Bush Administration; it definitely has overseas and is beginning to here in the US now that the media is picking up on the WMD thing and reporting it. They aren't keeping with the *plan* - the New World Order - or whatever that might be. Remember when Bush's dad was ousted? He was replaced with Clinton who was a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. Some think that Bush's dad had strayed from the *plan* and now Bush is also. Time for an ousting. And who better to replace him? One of their own, John Kerry. Kerry will give off the appearance that he is working for the people from a liberal, progressive stance, but will in fact continue on with the *plan* just like Clinton did. A lot of people still believe that there is a definitive line between Republicans and Democrats. I must disagree. I believe that they are both working towards total corruption of the USA. Yes, there are a few decent Republicans, one of which is Ron Paul. And there are a few decent Democrats, like Kucinich and the late Paul Wellstone. But those decent Reps and Dems are few and far between. If they dare to rock the boat too much, they end up dead or discredited.

Well most of that probably doesn't make much sense. It is kind of hard to explain things unless you have done some background research. I encourage those of you who are interested to do some research on the following things (yeah, some of it sounds like conspiracy crap, but it all ties in together): the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), Yale Skull and Bones, and the Federalist Society. Policies are being made from all of these groups that directly affect the USA and our Constitution and these groups have members on all sides of the political spectrum. I encourage any comments concerning this.

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