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2003-06-18 - 6:21 a.m.

You Want Redemption? Fine! Just Don't Make the Rest of Us Suffer Too!

So poor Jane Roe (aka Norma McCorvey) wants redemption for her stance on abortion rights 30 years ago and for seeking to abort HER child at the time when Texas state laws only allowed abortion when the Mother's life or the child's life was in danger. Now she is feeling horribly guilty and said in a rally yesterday, "I long for the day that justice will be done and the burden from all these deaths will be removed from my shoulders." Ms. McCorvey has filed a motion to have the Roe Vs. Wade case overturned. The motion she filed in Dallas yesterday was written by a Texas-based conservative legal group called the Justice Foundation. A conservative group!

Yes, this whole thing has my blood boiling this morning and let me tell you why:

1. I am PRO-CHOICE. What this means is that I believe women are intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves and their own bodies. This should not even be a legal case. It should not even be an issue, period. I also believe that while the fetus is still within the woman's body, only the woman has rights to make decisions. I do not feel that adoption is always the answer because there are too many unadopted kids in the welfare system today as it is.

2. I am personally anti-abortion in the sense that abortion should NOT be used as a means for birth control. That is what birth control devises are for. However, I still believe women should be given CHOICES. It is their bodies; let them live with the consequences of their own action.

3. I honestly believe that if Roe Vs. Wade is over-turned, then women will no longer have CHOICES in their own reproductive lives. For the health of women everywhere, this case must remain in tact.

4. Most of those who profess to be Pro-Lifers are also the same people who support wars. They do not seem to care that babies in other countries are being blown to bits or will suffer horrible birth-defects from our weapons tipped with Depleted Uranium.

5. This is just another way for government to stick their noses into OUR business.

What I have to say now is probably going to piss off a good deal of my readers, but you know what? This is my diary and I will have my say and I do not care who does or does not agree with me:

I am sick to death of hypocrites. People who, in their youth, had one stance on something because it directly affected their lives, and then later in life get "religion" and suddenly want the whole world to suffer for their mistakes and relieve them of their guilt. Well I am so sorry you are feeling guilty Ms. McCorvey, but you made your bed those 30 years ago. You challenged the law and won and got your abortion. Now that you are feeling guilty about it in your old age, does not give you the right to make other women suffer for your guilt. Go pray to your God and get redemption from him, but do not fucking make the rest of us pay too!

And just in case you readers out there don't think I know what I am talking about, I was faced with it once too. I was 3 months pregnant, my water broke, and I had the choice of keeping the baby with the possiblity of it being born deformed or miscarrying it later in term, or aborting it. I chose to abort it. Yes it was a medical situation although not necessarily a medical emergency yet, but if I hadn't, the baby may have suffered worse. If that choice wasn't there, I may have been forced to carry it even though it's lungs hadn't formed completely and it had no protection around it; furthermore, I could have gotten an infection too and we both may have died horrible deaths. So yes, I do think I know what I am talking about here. And no, I do not have one shred of guilt over it.

So I say to all you Pro-Lifers out there, til the day comes when you people swear to adopt all the unwanted babies in the world and follow-through with your promises and stop supporting wars that kill innocent children, keep your nose out of my business and the business of women everywhere and we will keep our noses out of yours!

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