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2003-06-09 - 3:51 p.m.

A Soapbox Moment

Today I am merely having my personal say in this whole WMD controversy. I don't care who does or doesn't agree with me. This is my soapbox moment:

First let me say that I don't give a rat's ass about Clinton. I didn't vote for him and I didn't care much for his policies. With that said, I do however remember it being said that he was impeached not for having an affair in the Oval Office, but for lying to Congress under oath. Okay, fine! Clinton lied. Well so has the current president. When he took office, he sweared an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to protect and defend this country to the full extent of his job. So under oath, Mr. Bush lied to us about WMD in Iraq and them being an imminent threat to the USA. He lied, but everything is NOT fine! Why the hell is everyone bowing down to this liar and accepting the cost of this war in money and lives and saying everything is okay when everything is NOT okay? I want him IMPEACHED! But not just Bush. I want Cheney impeached. I want Rumsfeld impeached. I want Rice impeached. And I want Colin Powell impeached. And, I want the head of the CIA fired. And I want the files on all of this BS opened immediately and the full TRUTH to come out. I am tired of Congress dancing around this band of liars. I am tired of the American people closing their eyes to these horrendous offenses to our country, our constitution and our good name all over the world. I do not want to wait until 2004 when Bush and his cronies can again steal another election. I want them out of MY White House, out of YOUR White House. They do not belong there, they have made a mess of our country and it is time for them to get the hell out!

::climbs off of her soapbox::

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