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2003-05-28 - 11:33 a.m.

Bush and His Can of Vipers

What in the world is the Bush Administration thinking? The Bushites are so gungho for a Palestinian state that they have told the Palestinians to ignore Israel's reservations about the Road Map plan. Meanwhile, Israel has put forward at least 14 Amendments to the plan. And what is Bush's solution if Israel doesn't comply? Sanctions against Israel! Ok, am I the only person on this god-forsaken planet that sees a HUGE can of vipers being open here?

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that the Palestinians deserve their own state; however, I believe the Bush Administration is going about this in a totally skewed way. If the Bushites force sanctions on Israel, this may make the Arabs happy, but it is going to cause total chaos here in the US where the majority of Americans support the state of Israel.

This isn't the only can of vipers Bush is in the process of opening. Things are heating up where Iran is concerned too. Bush insists that Iran is seeking Nukes and harboring Al Qaeda operatives. And the Neocons are jumping on the bandwagon to get actions started against Iran. It doesn't seem to matter that Iran has cooperated all along with Bush's "war on terrorism" or that they have arrested some al Qaeda operatives in Iran. No, ladies and gentlemen, Iran is seeking WMD and harboring the boogey-men. Does this sound like Iraq all over again? Watch out Tehran! You ARE next!

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