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2003-05-17 - 9:26 a.m.

Bushwhacked Again!

It's official, ladies and gentlemen! Bush has practically be given dictorial powers. This is what happens when there is little or no opposition to atrocities. The end result justifies the fallacious means in the war against Iraq. It no longer matters that no weapons have been found. In fact, even if the Bush Administration never finds any WMD in Iraq, no one will care. No one will oppose this. There will be no outcry in America. The voices of the small minority of Americans who are sickened by this have fallen upon deaf ears. And our lone voice in Congress, Dennis Kucinich, will be mocked and scorned by his Democratic party because of his antiwar stance.

In the Washington Post today, it states in the article, No Political Fallout for Bush on Weapons, President Bush appears to be in no political danger from the failure to find chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in Iraq, with Democrats reluctant to challenge Bush on any aspect of the war and polls showing Americans unconcerned about weapons discoveries.

Americans are "unconcerned about weapons discoveries." The sheeple are bowing down and worshipping their god, Bush, and giving him the dictatorship he so desires: "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." ~ GW Bush, December 18, 2000.

With no opposition in sight, you can bet Bush will go on to do other atrocities. For instance, he has backed out on allowing the Iraqis to form their own government. It has been put on "hold indefinitely" as one article describes. The Iraqi oil is now under coalition forces control and the US needs to export Iraq's oil to avoid storage problems, says the Pentagon. As soon as the UN lifts the sanctions (and you can bet they will or else the US will just do as it pleases again), the US will start selling off Iraq's oil and using the money, so they claim, to rebuild Iraq. I am anxious to see how the money will really be used and what shape Iraq will be in a year from now.

It no longer matters that we have been misled and lied to by this Administration. There will be no investigation. No impeachment hearings. No, my fellow readers, we have been Bushwhacked again. Take your whoopin' and go sit in the corner like a good little sheeple.

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