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2003-05-08 - 4:43 p.m.

Trauma Induced or Deliberately Erased?

I was reading the CBS report about Pfc. Jessica Lynch having memory problems about what happened to her in Iraq when her unit got ambushed. Every now and again something like this triggers that conspiracy-theory button in me and makes me stop and go, WTF? Yes, she is young and impressionable, and of course there is the possibility that this event was so traumatic to her that she has blocked it from her memory. The report says about Jessica:

she has "no memory whatsoever of any of the events from the time her convoy came under attack until she woke up" in an Iraqi hospital, said Argyros, assistant chief for the Department of Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and head of the team handling Lynch's care.

He said it's not a case of amnesia, which he defined as forgetting something you once knew. Rather, Lynch simply has no memory of the ambush March 23 that resulted in her capture.

"Anytime anybody goes through a traumatic event of any kind, there is the risk that they may have a period that they don't remember what happened" during that event, Argyros said in an interview on NBC's "Today" show.

Asked if she will ever remember, Argyros said there's only a small chance.

This whole thing sure smells of a psy-op erasure to me. Especially since it has been several weeks since her rescue and this is the first we are hearing about this? Does this smell fishy to anyone else?

:::locks the conspiracy-theorist back in the closet:::

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