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2003-04-29 - 5:33 p.m.

Iraqis: Exercising Their Newfound Freedoms - Does Bush Regret Freeing Them Now?

Just finished reading an article in the Washington Times. It would seem that about 10 Iraqis have filed a suit in Belgium against General Franks and others for "crimes against humanity" for their roles in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As described, some of these crimes include: "the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi civilians, the bombing of a marketplace in Baghdad, the shooting of an ambulance, and failure to prevent the mass looting of hospitals." I can only imagine that these Iraqi civilians are enjoying the bittersweet taste of their newfound freedoms. To have lost so much - lives, artifacts, and homes - to gain the taste of freedom must be leaving a foul and bitter aftertaste for many of them. However, this does show the tenacity of the Iraqi spirit to see justice done.

On the other side of the world, our pResident in the White House is deeply angered. He is blaming the Belgiums. As the article describes: A senior administration official warned that "there will be diplomatic consequences for Belgium" if the complaint is taken up by a court there and Belgian authorities issue indictments against Gen. Franks and other U.S. officials.

This leaves me to ponder, if Saddam had bombed the USA and murdered thousands of civilians, and allowed looting in our museums, hospitals, etc., wouldn't we be demanding that Saddam and his generals be held accountable for these crimes? You bet we would! We would be calling for their heads! Why does the US think that they are the only ones above international law and justice? This is the greatest act of hypocrisy I have ever witnessed.

I am sick of our government acting like an Imperial Empire. I am sick of our government breaking international treaties and withdrawing from international programs. I am sick of our government claiming to be THE BEST when we have people in our own country out of work, without healthcare for their families, bearing the heaviest burden of taxation, and living on welfare or being homeless on the streets. There is something profoundly wrong with a country when the basic needs of its citizens are not being met and yet that same country is trying to spread its twisted version of "Democracy" on other nations.

I have been told over and over again by aids to Congress that you cannot impeach someone who was not legally elected. (Yes, I spend a lot of time calling the Senate and the House members and usually only speak to their aids or secretaries) So what options do we have left? For starters, we can do whatever it takes to make sure that the elections in 2004 are LEGAL and fair. We can also throw our support on the best candidates we can find. As many of you know, I now support Kucinich 100%, but Dean also looks like a worthy candidate and he is a former Governor - they tend to get elected easier. My advice to everyone who wants to see a Regime Change At Home is to start NOW by campaigning for your candidate of choice. Get involved. Get active. Start a voter registration drive in your community. Commit yourselves to creating election day car pools to get people to the polls. Make handouts with specific issues that your favorite candidate supports and start handing them out everywhere. We need to get focused and vocal if we are to see our great country turned around and respected again.

We cannot become Isolationists in this ever-enclosing world anymore. Let's not just sit on our couches and be couch-potato activists anymore!

Get Out The Vote in 2004! Let's show these Neocons, Religious "Right", and Sheeples that we are not going to sit by and let them ruin everything that is wonderful about the USA.

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

We the People of the United States deserve to be LIBERATED TOO!

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