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2003-04-12 - 9:22 a.m.

Is Syria Next?

With already heavy fighting going on near the border of Syria and Iraq, one has to stop and ask: Is Syria next? A report from KnoxNews.com states that the heavy fighting is a two-fold mission: to prevent Saddam from launching any scuds it may have on Israel and to prevent any Syrian aid to Iraqi fighters. Israel has already said that if Iraq attacks, then Israel will defend herself. That could result in a massive holy war and further destabilize the Middle East.

In the past couple of weeks, Syria has been under heavy scrutiny from the Bush Administration. Donald Rumsfeld has warned Syria numerous times to not interfer with the war:

Syria sending arms to Iraq: Rumsfeld
Rumsfeld warns Syria on Iraq
Rumsfeld accuses Syria of aiding Saddam regime
US warns Syria over Iraq

And yesterday, Syria also received a warning from Bush: Bush says Syria must expel Saddam backers

"We expect them to do everything they can to prevent people who should be held to account from escaping in their country," [Bush] said after meeting for the first time at two area military hospitals with US soldiers wounded in Iraq.

"And if they are in their country, we expect the Syrian authorities to turn them over to the proper folks," said Bush, who met privately with some 75 hurt soldiers and their families accompanied by First Lady Laura Bush.

"We strongly urge them (Syrian leaders) not to allow for Baath party members, or Saddam's families, or generals on the run, to seek safe haven and find safe haven there," said Bush.

Syria "just needs to know we expect full cooperation," he said.

Syria has already claimed that its borders are closed to everything but humanitarian aid to Iraqis and has denied shipping weapons to Iraq. However, one has to wonder if Syria is indeed feeling the pressure of a U.S. attack. There is already legistlation in the U.S. House and Senate for sanctions against Syria called The Syrian Accountability Act, S. 2215, H.R. 4483. This leads one to wonder, is it just a matter of time before Damascus falls like Baghdad did?

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