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2003-04-01 - 5:57 p.m.

:::Day 12 of the Illegal War:::

* Repeated air raids pound Baghdad buildings and positions on outskirts; intense artillery barrage heard to the south.

* US units probe closer to Baghdad, fighting Republican Guards and other forces some 80 km from capital.

* Colin Powell to visit Ankara, Brussels this week to discuss aftermath of Iraq war with NATO, European leaders.

* UK troops open water pipeline to Umm Qasr from Kuwait; Red Cross starts visiting Iraqi prisoners of war; UN food aid agency buys hundreds of thousands of tonnes of flour, rice for Iraq.

* British forces engaged in fierce fighting as they tried to push towards Basra to take Iraq's southern metropolis, seen as the lynchpin to coalition control of the entire south.

* President Saddam chaired a meeting of top aides, including his eldest son Uday who made his first televised appearance since the outbreak of the US-led war on Iraq, state television showed.


Iraqi Foreign Minister Sabri: "With every passing day, they are sinking deeper into the mud of defeat and their losses are increasing."

US Brigadier General Brooks: "We're coming. Where the regime is, we're coming."

Captain Thomas Parker, commanding officer of the USS Kitty Hawk, in his regular daily briefing over the ship's intercom: "Our mission today is bombin'. We're bombin' south of Baghdad. We're bombin' north of Baghdad."

Official spokesman for British Prime Minister Tony Blair: "The prime minister has not been carried away by the successes nor has he been overwhelmed by the difficulties and problems. He remains relentlessly focused on the big picture."

Snippet from an Iraqi chart-topping song on state television: "Bravo to the men who defend what is right and the faith. Bravo, when the heads fall of Bush and Blair and of all the criminals supporting the aggression."

Arab volunteers chanting on a bus leaving Beirut for Baghdad to defend Iraq: "We will sacrifice our souls and blood for you, Oh Iraq!"


* US: 46 killed, 17 missing.

* Britain: 25 killed.

* Iraqi military: No confirmed figures.

* Iraqi civilians: 589 killed, 4,582 injured.


BAGHDAD: Blasts hit presidential palace used by Saddam's son in Baghdad; warplanes pound city's southern outskirts where there are Republican Guard positions.

Intense artillery barrage opens up on Baghdad's southern outskirts as warplanes from the US-led invasion force scream low over capital.

SOUTHERN IRAQ: US troops battle Iraqi forces on a frontline about 110km south of Baghdad near Hilla, killing many Iraqis and at least one American.

Fierce firefight breaks out around bridge over Euphrates at Hindiya.

US Marines target top Iraqi officials in Shatra.

British Royal Marines clash with paramilitaries south of Basra.

NORTHERN IRAQ: B-52 bombers pound positions near Mosul, Kirkuk. US-led forces seen scouting Iraqi frontline positions.

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