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2003-03-07 - 11:00 p.m.

:::Another Soapbox Moment:::

Time for a few rants. What the hell is up with cell phone users? Can't these people just stop yacking for a few minutes to get waited on at a convenience store? I cannot tell you the number of cell phone users who have come through my line at work and continue their conversation on the phone while expecting to be waited on. They don't say please or thank you. They don't even acknowledge the cashier's pressence. This is the downfall of our society. Cell phones have created the rudest bred of humans possible. The first thing you are taught in any type of customer service work is that if you are on the phone when a customer approaches you, to ask the person on the line to hold for a moment while you wait on your customer. Now why can't the customers have the same curtesy for the cashiers? I have gotten to the point where I wait for the person to finish their conversation or at least realize that they aren't gettting serviced til they put their phones down. I refuse to be subjected to their rudeness without a little rebellion back.

And while I am at it, what the hell is up with men not flushing the toilet in public restrooms? Is this some kind of male macho thing where they want the next male in the room to know how much piss they have added to the toilet? Or is this some kind of male version of marking their territory? And do they realize how disgusting it is for the female employees who work in these places who have to clean these public restrooms? Come on guys, it is just one quick flick of the damn handle on the toilet bowl. Just flick the damn thing already! Do you leave your piss sitting around at home in the toilet? Have a little common decency, for the love!

:::climbs off her soapbox:::

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